Occupational Health
and Safety

To promote our employees’ health and safety, we have an EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety)
Policy that lays out our guiding principles and leadership expectations around EHS.

This policy is the foundation of our EHS Standards and Programs that guide our actions and track key indicators to drive enhancement of EHS performance. Creating and maintaining EHS awareness is crucial to ensure our associates and contractors understand risks and adopt safe behaviors. These programs promote a culture of safety, where everyone is engaged and accountable for safe work practices and responsible environmental behaviors.


We have numerous programs to support and educate our employees including:

  • Both corporate and local, tailored safety training 
  • Job Risk Analysis (JRA) and Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) tools and training 
  • Life Saving Rules which support EHS awareness and engagement 
  • Recognition, Observations, and Concerns (ROC) 
  • Job Stop Trigger 
  • EHS Calls and EHS Alerts 
  • EHS Dialogues 

EHS Policy