Message from our President
and CEO - JP Aucoin

I have never been more proud to be part of BAKELITE SYNTHETICS.

From new ownership to our recent acquisition of Georgia-Pacific Chemicals, we are seizing opportunities to grow. We are seeking to embed sustainability in everything we do, from creating sustainable products and technologies to advancing our corporate culture that emphasizes safety, operational excellence, and continuous improvement. That is who we are, and our sustainability strategy is a natural extension of our 100-year legacy of innovation to profitably produce infinite solutions that make life better for you and the planet.

We have achieved many milestones in 2022 that have helped us become a more sustainable, resilient company, from establishing our baseline greenhouse gas inventories, to laying the foundational work to publishing this inaugural report on Bakelite’s sustainability journey. Our efforts have aligned with the sustainability criteria set forth by the United Nations (UN), and we are proud to be a participating member in the UN Global Compact.

Another important development is that we have joined the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and its Responsible Care® program. As a member of the Responsible Care® program, we will be working alongside industry leaders to enhance our sustainability practices and improve our environmental performance. We are confident that our membership in the ACC and participation in the Responsible Care® program will enable us to make even greater strides toward achieving our sustainability goals.

We are also proud of our dedication to making a positive impact in the social domain, with our employees at the core of our focus. Social impact is a key component in our success. We are dedicated to our employees’ well-being and safety, and proud to have a safety performance ranking in the top quartile of American Chemistry Council (ACC) peer companies in 2022. To further support our employees, we expanded parental leave benefits in the U.S. in 2022. Our employees are at the heart of our business and have a strong voice in shaping the future of Bakelite. We encourage them to put their fingerprints on our business and join us in making a difference, not just for our company but also in the communities where they live and work.

In our unwavering commitment to remain at the forefront of sustainability in the industry, we have established a new executive role and an ESG Advisory Committee dedicated to driving our sustainability initiatives. We know that our dedication to sustainability will help us become a stronger company while also making a positive impact on our planet.

At BAKELITE SYNTHETICS, our products touch lives daily, and we are committed to becoming a stronger company while contributing to the betterment of our planet. Together with our Executive Leadership Team, I am proud to share our sustainability journey with you as a key element in BAKELITE’S strategy and as a leader in our industry.